Making wood work for you

Renault Kangoo day camper

Making a Day camper

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A selection of outdoor jobs

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Caddy Micro Camper

This is a VW Caddy micro camper conversion, it has a pull out bed that is full length, small sink with water tanks, solar panel, battery, split charge relay, 240v hook up, portable toilet, folding tables, lots of storage.

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Coffee shop

Tables, counters, shelves and seating for a coffee bar

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Furniture hand crafted in my mobile workshop

using traditional and modern jointing and construction techniques.

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Finding and purchasing the raw materials at the best possible prices.

a hammer


Many of my clients have simply produced a picture from a magazine or off the internet and I work to that, producing my own plans and working out the structural design. Once the plan is complete I can start construction and crafting.

a house


I prefer to make things on site as I can refer to the space the item will be taking and also closer communication with the client.